Iron in my Well Water

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The symptoms of Iron in your well water will cause a few problems in the house, mainly:

  • Make the water look brown or red
  • Stains on your white clothes
  • Change the colour of your hair
  • Clog up your pipes

Two Types of Iron

There are two types of iron, bascially one that causes colour to your water and one that does not cause colour in your water. They are typically treated differently.

The method to treat or filter the iron in your water will depend on a few factors. For example, how many people are in the house using your water, what type is the iron, is there other elements present like calcium, tannins or sulfur etc.

Major Mistakes People Make with Iron in Their Well Water

One of the major mistakes people make when trying to treat their water is buying a water softener from a retail store. Most sales people in retail stores who sell water softeners or iron removers believe, due to a lack of knowledge and exeprience, that all water softeners or iron removers universally work on all types of well water. From my exprience, these systems will work for a few months then fail and the customer is out the money they spent and are faced again with the same problem they tried to fix earlier.

I often get calls from people asking me to fix the units they purchased from a retail store or used online. At that point the only suggestion I can offer is to help them bring the unit to the curb on garbage day.

Another issue with iron that a lot of people and water treatment specialists are not aware of is the fact that iron can and will DESTROY a water softener, sometimes within months. The reason is how the iron binds to the resin that is inside the water softeners.

So to make a long story short, if you have iron in your water, even a bit, you should ensure your system can handle it long term. Iron like tannins can wreck havoc on water filtration systems.

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