About Me

Water softener, iron remover, sulfur remover, tannin removerMy name is Shawn. This is who I am:

  1. I have been in the water business for years
  2. I have been operating Ottawa Water Filters CO & Water Filters CO for 8 years
  3. I also have over 800 customers on record
  4. I am the guy other water companies or manufacture's call when the water is difficult, complex or the systems are not performing properly or to spec

The products I sell are unique and designed by me with the help of seasoned professionals. All my products use and contain the latest technology the industry has to offer. That said I do not offer my customers the choice of low,medium or higher grade systems. All my systems are all highend & high efficiency systems.

My products ensure you:

  1. Have the highest quality of materials (most of my valves, resins & media are made in North America NOT ASIA)
  2. Have consistent guaranteed results
  3. Have low to zero maintenance
  4. Have low cost of owner ship

To help you get the most out of your water treatment system I have learned that to do so you should know and understand your water and how the system works.Therefore I take the time to educate you on your water's chemistry, explain in detail how the filters work so you understand and are empowered on the system you're trusting and relying on.


About the water industry

The water industry is like the "wild wild west". People are taken advantage of over and over. They are sold systems that work sometimes and not always. They are sold systems that lock them into annual and bi-annual service contract or sold systems that bind the customer to the company for life. I BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG!.

What makes me different?

  • I care about what I do and I like to be able to sleep at night
  • I try to source my products from North America NOT Asia companies (big difference in quality and consistency)
  • I believe you should understand your water chemistry and understand how the system works so you can adjust it yourself and not have to rely on a company to call you back to help you
  • I am not locked into one manufacture. This is really important. I can bring you the best products from the manufacture best suited to fix your specific problem.HERE IS A FACT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Most manufactures are good at treating one problem and are not so good fixing others. If you have really bad water you should not buy everything from one manufacture.
  • I believe in selling water systems that take little to none of your time to operate. Life is complicated enough; you do not need to be spending your time every month fooling around with a water system.
  • I believe you should not be locked into any contract or "gimmick" designed to take more of your money as you own the system.
  • I believe service calls should NOT cost you money. If I have to go back to fix something, it is my own fault for not doing the job right in the first place not yours.
  • I believe the warranties should be held with the manufacture and not the water filtration company you hired. This is much safer for the customer in the long run. All my systems come with written warranties from the manufacture and not from me.

To email me click on the orange contact banner below or call me at 613.424.6972