Free Water Test

I am one of a few people in the area who can test for all problematic substances in your water on the spot right in front of you.

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Note: I cannot test for bacteria.

That is one of the reason why I can stand behind my solutions. The biggest problem in the water industry is wrong application of product, meaning using the wrong products on your water for the wrong reasons.

In the Ottawa and surrounding areas there is a lot of iron, tannins, Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and manganese in the ground water. This makes things complicated some times to fix as each substance can destroy a water system in less than a year if not dealt with properly.

For example, tannins are generally harmless but they destroy was systems especially air injection systems in less than a year. Iron will destroy a water softener even faster. So be careful, make sure you know what is in your water before you buy a system. And make sure the company explains what each system is doing and how it is doing it.

To email me click on the orange contact banner below or call me at 613.424.6972

Here is a typical scenario. What generally happens is the water is tested for hardness and sometimes iron; it is not tested for tannins or anything else. The water filtration system is installed; works for a few months then problems start and never end. The water system never really works and the customer is no better off then when they started, no one who diagnoses the system suspects tannins or anything else.

It is important to note that most other companies will only test for hardness and iron and sometimes the PH. To ensure you have a water system that works and causes no problems it is important to know everything that is in your water.

Finally testing for hardness and iron in most cases is not enough.

Here is what I can test for:

- Hardness

- Iron

- Sulfur

- Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

- Tannins

- T.D.S. (Total dissolved solids)

- PH

- Manganese

- Herbicides and Pesticides

- Chlorine levels

- Bacteria (field test)

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