My name is Shawn I am a water treatment specialist. I sell high quality water filtration products, with little to no maintenance at affordable prices. I service people living in and around the Ottawa area. I have been in business since 2011 and have over 650 customers on record.

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I believe you deserve to have clean water in your home with a simple and affordable solution. I also believe you deserve to know what is in your water and how it can be fixed.

I am committed to providing you with high quality water filtration products, with little to no maintenance at affordable prices.

You need to know that there has been a number of advancements in the water treatment industry that local companies may not be aware of or have access to. These advancements can save you a great deal of money, time and frustration.

If you can afford $17 to $60 a month, you can buy a new high end system from me with no money down complete with industry standard warranties. That means at prices a few dollars more than what it would cost you if you bought a used system.

How do I do that? I have been in the industry for years and have been in business since 2011. I've worked for and consulted for a number of leading water filtration companies and got tired of selling low end systems that always malfunction for steep prices. Now I can sell you a brand new, high end system that work and will require zero to no maintenance at a fraction of the cost you would buy from other popular companies.

By working from home, I do not have the cost of maintaining a building or staff. The result for you is I can get you high end systems with little to no maintenance at a fraction of the cost they typically sell for.  The result for me is it allows me to spend more time with my family. It is a perfect fit!

Working from my home allows you to fix your water problems, including sulfur removal, iron removal, hardness, tannin's and harmful bacteria to improve your life and value of your home at a cost you can afford.

In some cases I can save you close to half of what you have been quoted. I can free you from monthly or annual maintenance fees most companies are NOT telling you about up front when you buy their system.

As you search this site I would highly suggest you call me or fill out the contact me form and I will call you to talk about your specific water challenges. In some cases I can solve your problems over the phone for free with no obligation.

With a simple 5 minute conversation I can tell you what you will need, what you can expect, how much the system will cost you over time and the tricks other companies are doing to lock you into them so they can eventually take more of your money over time you own their systems.

Also I will tell you why my systems are so much better than what is currently available from retails stores, online vendors and from other "brick and motors" water filtration companies. You should know there are really great water filters on the market that only I am allowed to sell in this area. The reason for this is the manufactures trust me to set them up properly and support them if you run into problems.

Even if you do not buy anything from me, my help may save you an enormous amount of money, time and frustration.

Finally I service a 2 hour radius of Ottawa and it's surrounding areas such as, Navan, Cumberland, Greely, Metcalfe, Russell, Manotick, Chesterville, Winchester, Kemptville, Carleton Place, Arnprior, Almonte, Renfrew, Shawville, Luskville, Perth, Smith Falls, North Augusta, Brockville, Kingston, Morrisburg, Iroquois, Cornwall, Alexandria, Saint Andrews, Moose Creek, Maxville, Alexandria, Embrun, Limoges, Cassleman, Moorewood, Williamsburg, Hawkesburry, Vankleek Hill, Outaouais, GatineauAylmer, Cantley, Wakefield, Chelsea, Vals-Des- Monts.

If you already have a quote or if your renting from Culligan click here.

Please call me any time I love helping people.

Best regards,


Ottawa Water Filters CO.

Phone: 613.424.6972

I try to take calls from 9am to 9pm Monday through to Saturday.