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Got a Qoute Already?

Hi my name is Shawn and I am a water filtration expert. I am the guy most people turn to for advice on what systems to purchase, learn why their current system is not working properly or want to learn more about their water. 

If you already have a quote call me before you buy. In a lot of cases I can get you better pricing with better quality products.

I am offering a FREE telephone consultation that will:

  1. Help evaluate your current system
  2. Answer your questions about your water & options available on the market.
  3. Help you make adjustments to your current system to get it working better.

I am not a pushy "sales guy" I am here to help and my help is FREE.

Fill out the form below so I can call you for a FREE 5 minute consultation. After the 5 minutes FREE consultation you will

  1. Understand what is in your water and why it is causing problems
  2. Know how the water problems you have can be fixed, what options are on the market and what you can expect (price, maintenance, cost of ownership etc..)
  3. If you have an existing water system we can diagnose and hopefully fix it over the phone.

After you fill out the form you can read through my site to learn more about me.

If you don't feel like typing you can call me instead, the phone number is 613.424.6972