How to buy from me

Before you get upset that there are no prices on my website you need to understand that treating water successfully is not the same from one person/neighbor to the next.

To email me click on the orange contact banner below or call me at 613.424.6972

I want to make sure you buy a water filtration system that will meet your expectations and work for you for years. Therefore before I provide you with a quote or simple prices I need some information about your water, where you live etc...

Buying from me is very, very easy. In most cases after a 5 minute phone call I can provide you (via email/fax) with a quote and the entire marketing brochure(s) so you can learn more about the product(s) and make a decision that best suits your needs.

When I am not able to verify a solution over the phone I will request a water sample to validate variables I can not confirm from our conversation.

So if you have a water problem and you want to explore me fixing it, you can do one of two things:

- Call me at 613.424.6972

- Click here to have me call you.

Do you live in Canada but don't live in the Ottawa and surrounding area. Click here.