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If you live in the Ottawa,ON and surrounding areas, you should consider installing an iron filter as the iron levels in the Ottawa area are quite high. Iron will quickly destroy any water softeners.

Is your home or business in the Ottawa area relying on your old water softener and iron filter to do the job or condition the water you consume? If so, you may not be taking full advantage of the advances in water softener or iron filter/remover and water treatment technology in the last few years.

It could be costing you hard-earned dollars. A functioning water treatment system can actually save you money, time and a great deal of frustration.

Soft water is gentle, beautifying, enriching and can be made available in any home or business in the Ottawa area.

Ottawa's hard water keeps soap from lathering as it might, working as it should, rinsing off as you want it to. It often leaves an invisible film which blocks pores, often holding dirt and bacteria, causing chapping, itching, and dryness. Also, hair washed in hard water or water full of iron becomes limp and lifeless. Using a water softener or iron filter or iron remover will provide your family with soft water 24/7 and that means soft clean skin and soft silky, more manageable hair.

Laundrying with iron and hardness combined with the ingredients of soap and detergents can form a dulling curd on clothing, one that holds soil in ones’ fabric. It causes clothing to look dingy, grayed, or yellowed. It can mat or stiffen with repeated washings and fibers may deteriorate. But with a water softener or iron filter or iron remover installed in your Ottawa home, your laundry washed in soft water will be brighter, cleaner, softer and will last longer!

Hard water or iron water has an obvious adverse effect on appliances and plumbing systems. Do you notice rock-hard scale forming on shower heads, faucets, and your humidifier? It also builds up rapidly in dishwashers, clothes washers, pipes, and water heaters, decreasing their life span. Installing a water softener, iron filter or iron remover will provide better performance and add longer life to home appliances.

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If you live outside of the Ottawa area you can buy an iron filter or iron remover by clicking here. remover here