Learn How To Fix, Clean Or Replace The CLACK "I-S" Valve.

The ease of maintenance is one of the best selling feature for this valve. If you have really high levels of iron sometime you will need to clean the valve as it will stop working due to iron build up. This will happen with our valve and other valves as well.

With The CLACK "I-S" Valve cleaning it can be done within minute by you or someone who is handy. If the valve needs to be rebuild, again it can be done with great ease.

People don't really appreciate The CLACK "I-S" Valve until years down the road when they need to fix a problem or clean it.

The BEAUTY of the The CLACK "I-S" Valve is that it can be cleaned or rebuild with ease within minutes with or without our help over the phone. 

Watch Shawn below take it apart and rebuild it within 2 minutes...