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I service a 2.5 hour radius of Ottawa that includes the Quebec side.

I am also ship my units anywhere in Canada and provide FREE support over the phone.

The products I sell are unique and designed by me with the help of seasoned professionals to ensure you consistent results, low maintenance and low cost of owner ship.

All my systems are high-end, high efficiency systems loaded with the latest technology manufactured in North America. NOT ASIA!

To email me click on the orange contact banner below or call me at 613.424.6972

I only sell systems that are proven on the market with time and cause little to no problems for you because they have been on the market for years as they have all be tried, tested and just simply work. This will significantly reduce your cost of ownership and time you spend on managing your water filtration system.

If you are in the market for a water filtration system or if you have a quote from another company, I suggest you call me before you make the decision to buy.

In most cases I can save you almost 50% of what you have been quoted or I can tell you what you can expect from who you're buying from.

To email me click on the orange contact banner below or call me at 613.424.6972

I specialize and love treating troubled water, in most cases treating your water is not as complicated as other companies have lead you to believe. I can treat a variety of problems including iron (color or stains), iron bacteria, sulfur (smell), H2S, H2S causing bacteria, tannins (green water), bacteria or hardness of water.

My systems do not need a service contract or an on-going support contract (most other companies do and they don't tell you this up front, so be careful who you buy from).

All my systems come with industry standard warranties and are less costly to run than most other systems.

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