Sulfur, Hydrogen Sulfide, Egg Smell, Rotten Eggs Smell in Well Water Hawkesbury, ON

Do you live in the Hawkesbury, ON and surrounding areas and your water smells like rotten eggs? That is usually caused by sulfur and or hydrogen sulfide in your water. In the Hawkesbury area, this is a very big problem that can be fixed easily.

NOTE: Occasionally, a hot water heater when mixed with Hawkesbury's well water is a source of hydrogen sulfide odor. The magnesium corrosion control rod present in many hot water heaters can chemically reduce naturally occurring sulfates to hydrogen sulfide. Call me to run a simple test over the phone to determine if this is the problem.

Is your home or business in the Hawkesbury area relying on your old water softener and iron filter to do the job or condition the water you consume? If so, you may not be taking full advantage of the advances in water softener or iron filter/remover and water treatment technology in the last few years.

Hydrogen Sulfide / Sulfur

Hydrogen sulfide gas produces an offensive "rotten egg" or "sulfur water" odor and taste in the water. In some cases, the odor may be noticeable only when the water is initially turned on or when hot water is run.

A nuisance in the Hawkesbury area is associated with hydrogen sulfide and sulfur in your water includes corrosiveness to metals such as iron, steel, copper and brass. It can tarnish silverware and discolor copper and brass utensils. Hydrogen sulfide also can cause yellow or black stains on kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Coffee, tea and other beverages made with water containing hydrogen sulfide may be discolored and the appearance and taste of cooked foods can be affected.

In the Hawkesbury area, high concentrations of dissolved hydrogen sulfide and sulfur also can foul the resin bed of an ion exchange water softener. When a hydrogen sulfide odor occurs in treated water (softened or filtered) and no hydrogen sulfide is detected in the non-treated water, it usually indicates the presence of some form of sulfate-reducing bacteria in the system. Water softeners provide a convenient environment for these bacteria to grow. A "salt-loving" bacteria, that uses sulfates as an energy source, may produce a black slime inside water softeners.

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