Tannins in my well water, Tannins, iron and hardness or calcium in your water

If you live in an area that has tannin you should consider installing a tannin remover or filter as the tannin levels. Tannin in the water will quickly destroy any water softeners.

Is your home or business is relying on your old water softener, iron filter or tannin remover to do the job or condition the water you consume? If so you may not be taking full advantage of the advances in water softener, tannin remover/filter or iron filter/remover and water treatment technology in the last few years.

It could be costing you hard-earned dollars. A functioning water treatment system can actually save you money, time and a great deal of frustration.

Water free of tannins is gentle, beautifying, enriching and can be made available in any home or business.

Tannins basically can also make your water a greenish or brownish colour. Tannins are what makes lake or swamp water a greenish colour. Tannins are an organic molecule usually consisting of leaves, twigs, moss etc. that can be decaying or have been absorbed by the water. Tannins usually will make your water smell “fishy” or “tangy”.

Tannins can be difficult to detect and the person testing the water may need to be able to clear other elements to get a correct reading. That said an easy way to determine if you have tannins is:

  • You live around rivers, lakes or streams
  • When you fill your bathtub, the water is not clear and may have a greenish or brownish colour
Tannins can wreck havoc on water filtration systems. Tannins can coat the media used in many water filtration systems. Also tannin media does not like other elements, specifically iron. So it is important to select water systems that are tannin friendly and a correct system is designed to ensure your tannin filtration will work.