Well Water Treatment: Water Softeners, Iron Filters Sulfur removal Gatineau, QC Ottawa Water Fitlers CO

Do you live in the Gatineau, QC area, and have water problems?

Is your hard water causing stained appliances or colour in your water and want it out?  

Is your home or business in the Gatineau area relying on your old water softener (is my water softener working) and iron filter to do the job or condition the water you consume? If so you may not be taking full advantage of the advances in water softener or iron filter/remover and water treatment technology in the last few years.

Did you know that calcium makes your water hard? Calcium is what water softeners should remove 100%. Hard water in Gatineau keeps soap from lathering well, deposits scale on faucets and inside other appliances. Hard water damages from scale deposits inside your appliances including your water heaters, humidifiers, washing machines and dishwashers reduces their lifespan and causes failures which at best need costly repairs, or at worst, cause flooding inside your home.

Ottawa Water Filters CO has water softeners designed for the Gatineau area that can handle the other elements in your water that typically cause other water filtration systems to fail. Our units eliminate the scale deposits without compromising your water quality. 

Do you have a sulphur order (egg smell) in your water in the Gatineau area and want it out? It does not have to cost you a small fortune to remove.

Ottawa Water Filters CO has been servicing the Gatineau area for 5 years plus. We have many customers in your area and are very aware of the challenges that your water can produce.

When you call I will tell you why my systems are so much better than what is currently available from retails stores, online vendors and from other "brick and mortars" water filtration companies. You should know there are really great water filters on the market that only I am allowed to sell in this area. The reason for this is the manufacturers trust me to set them up properly and support them if you run into problems.

Call us to talk, let us ask you a few questions then we can provide you with a quote over the phone.