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6 Stage Water Purification System with PH Stabilizer (5+1) /  Reverse Osmosis

6 Stage Water Purification System with PH Stabilizer (5+1) / Reverse Osmosis

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Water you make yourself with this system is much healthier and cleaner than the bottle water you and your family are drinking today.

My Water purification system is the next generation of RO technology. It has one of the highest rejection rates on the market (99% Rejection) and comes standard with a PH stabilizer that will bring the PH of the water up to 7 plus. It is important to know that water from an RO filter is considered acidic with a PH level in the low 6's. This unit is designed for people on well water.

Note: Be careful where you purchase a drinking water system. Most companies fail to advise you that they will require some sort of yearly or semi annual service to their units at a cost ranging from $100 to $300 annually.

My units require no maintenance and as a result there is no additional cost of ownership.

How to compare:

- Final stage(6th) increases the PH of the water for health and taste purposes

- Hygienic all plastic water storage tank (BPA FREE)

- Chrome designer faucet

- Module to replace membrane during cleaning

- Streamline design for easy installation

- Easy-change fully encapsulated 75GPD membrane

-  Fewer fittings for simpler trouble free operations

- Integrated water manifold and mounting bracket

- Advanced design eliminated fittings and connections

- Premium F9 series tube-attached chrome faucet

- All installation accessories included

- Includes our new and improved LEAK STOP prevention device


- Unique High Pressure System

- Premium Water Quality

- Water with a PH of 7 plus

- 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

- 75 Gallons per day capacity

- 5 micron Polypropylene spun filtration for silt, dirt, rust, turbidity and iron removal

- 10 micron Carbon Block Filtration to eliminate chlorine,THM’s and taste and odor

- 5 micron Carbon Block Filtration to remove volatile, industrial chemicals

- High purity thin film composite Reverse Osmosis membrane that removes volatile chemicals,sodium,pesticides, etc..

- Premium lead-free designer drinking water faucet

- 3.8 gallon high purity composite pressure holding tank

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