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Water Softener (HIM SYSTEM) For Well Water With HIGH IRON & MAGANESSE (CLACK's TAHOE VALVE) $20 / Month

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CLACK Tahoe Valve

This unit comes standard with Clack's TAHOE valve that allows for more functionality when compared with the standard Clack WS1 valve. Some of the main differences are within the valve's programming. For example, in drought scenarios or low water flow scenarios we can stagger the regeneration stages giving time for the well to recover when in the regeneration mode. Also this valve allows the option for possible additions of other appliances such as an ozone generator if needed in the future.

NOTE: The standard Clack WS1 Valve does not have the same functions and features as the Tahoe valve.

How to compare:

  1. Clack TAHOE valve allow for adjustable cycle times when and if in a drought scenario
  2. Clack TAHOE valve has 2 auxiliary motor drivers
  3. Clack TAHOE valve has 2 relay outputs for various accessories such as an ozone generator or chemical pump
  4. Clack TAHOE valve system controller-ready software
  5. Clack TAHOE valve high service flow rate up to 27GPM
  6. Clack TAHOE valve is the only valve on the market that can be repair within minutes with no special tools or training.
  7. Clack TAHOE valve for future consideration (10 to 15 years or use) can be rebuild easily with no special tools or training
  8. Clack TAHOE valve meter accuracy 5% (much better than most allow for a lower salt & water consumption)
  9. Clack TAHOE valve has 9 programmable cycles you can choose with no specific order.
  10. The HIM (Hardness, Iron and Manganese) system can replace two tank systems or water where an iron remover is needed before the softener.The HIM system is designed for water with high levels of hardness, iron and or manganese.
  11. Resin is Canadian made. The resin used in most other units (in retail units it is lower) is usually cross linked x 4. My units use a fine mesh resin crossed linked x 10, that means my resin will last you years without problems.
  12. Great for water where iron and manganese levels tend to fluctuate.
  13. It has special resin compared to other softeners to ensure these contaminants are trapped and removed from the water.
  14. Uses up to 80% less salt compared to traditional systems
  15. Includes turbulator to ensure the resin is washed thoroughly to ensure it lasts for years. NOTE: Most softeners or HIM systems do not come with turbulators. Turbulators can add life to your system and allow it to remove higher levels of contaminants.
  16. Turbulator requires less water in backwash cycles
  17. 12 Volt AC uses less than $2.00/yr in electricity
  18. Regenerates (cleans itself) on demand
  19. Self-diagnostic service features
  20. For the "do-it-yourselfers" it comes standard with 3/4 or 1 inch quick connect fittings for easy installation.
  21. This unit should provide you with 15 to 20 years of service without any hassles and use less salt than most units available on the market today.
  22. Life time expectancy. Most likely you will never need to buy another softener again. It is computer managed with a simple interface. In case of power outages our system can hold its memory for almost a week so you don't have to worry about it.
  23. NSF Certified


- No need for a separate iron filter. This unit can handle very high levels of iron and manganese with ease.

- Clear water

- Silky Shiny Hair

- Soft Skin

- Crystal Clear Dishes and Glassware

- Brighter whites and more vibrant colors

- Easier Cleaning (no more scrubbing the tub and toilets)

- Use up to 70% Less Soap

- Lower Water Heating Cost (up to 30%)

- Protect Plumbing and Appliances

- Extended Life of Laundry

- Save Money

- Includes turbulator to ensure long life

- Comes standard with 3/4  or 1 inch quick connect fittings for easy installation.

- Resin is fine mesh crossed link 10x and manufactured in Canada

- Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve with reliable piston, seal and spacer technology
- Cabinet or Twin Tank models

•- Manually index to cycle position for easier and faster installation and service

- 10 Year Warranty on NSF Certified fiberglass tanks; 7 years on valve

•-User friendly LCD display shows time of day, regeneration mode and gallons remaining

- 48 hours memory back-up

- Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day Override and Calendar Clock mode
- Adjustable cycle times

- Brine safety valve provides extra overflow protection

- Unique bypass with an integrated space saving turbine meter and sample port on the inlet. One-piece design avoids meter jamming

- Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass and brine line. Power cord even has quick connect for easy valve spin on.

- Drain line o-ring eliminates need for Teflon

- NSF Certified fiberglass tanks / WQA approved resin

- Voltage 12V/60Hz (120V to 12V wall mount transformer included)

- Pipe Size 3/4'' or "1 inch"

- Max Water Temp = 110oF (43oC)

- Max Operating Pressure = 100 PSIG (689 kPa)

- At stated service flow rates the pressure drop through these devices will not exceed 15 PSIG

- Do not use where microbiology unsafe

- Flow rate - Service 10 gpm / Backwash 2 gpm

- Tank Size - 9 x 48

- Brine Tank Size - 15.0 x 15.0 x 34.7

- Salt Capacity - 230lbs

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