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Ozone Generator (For High Levels of H2S / Sulfur, Iron & Bacteria Causing Issues)

Ozone Generator (For High Levels of H2S / Sulfur, Iron & Bacteria Causing Issues)

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OZONE - Natural replacement option for chlorination and Hydrogen Peroxide Systems

My Ozone generator is fully-automatic and is used on residential water treatment systems and is designed to connect easily to Clack's Tahoe Valve. It is reliable and effortless to operate.

Ozone is the modern answer for the control of hydrogen sulfide, iron staining or iron and sulfur reducing bacteria. It is a great option to treat all forms of bacteria including iron bacteria, sulfur causing bacteria etc...

It is also a great option for treating really high levels of H2S or Sulfur if used properly.

My system uses the natural power of ozone to produce fresh, clear drinking water without harsh, toxic and expensive chemicals. It is cheaper and requires almost no maintenance.

If you have hydrogen sulfide bacteria, iron bacteria, extremely high levels of H2S or sulfur or other forms of bacteria using ozone can solve this problem easily and without the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine or peroxide.

Ozone injection systems can replace most chemicals system such as chlorination and hydrogen peroxide systems at a fraction of the cost both short term and long term.

How to compare

- Only connects to a CLACK Tahoe valve

- Works with a low or high PH levels

- Can dramatically enhance sulfur and H2S removal

- Can dramatically enhance iron and iron bacterial removal

- Zero to no maintaince

- Can work with low flow water environments