We are a VERY different water company in many, many ways.

Here is what you need to know about the water filtration industry. The water industry is like the “wild wild west”. People are taken advantage of over and over. People are sold systems that work sometimes and not always. People are sold systems that lock them into annual and bi-annual service contract or sold systems that bind the customer to the company for life. I BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG!.

Our products are designed to keep your cost of ownership down so you’re not always spending money on your systems.

We like to educate you on your water and how the system works so you can make the right decisions for you and your family.

We also stand by our products. We have years of experience helping people fix their water problems so if you run into trouble you can be sure we will stick around and know how to help.

Other companies, especially those who sell online use young sales guys who don’t always have this experience and end up selling you what they are being encouraged or “compensated” to sell that particular week.

Below Shawn goes into more detail regarding “WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT”. 

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