We love working with people who want to install the system themselves. With our help we make it easy!

We can do the Installation for you or you can do it yourself, in either case I won’t be leaving you once you make your purchase because the job is not done yet.

If you decide to do it yourself I will follow and support you or your plumber through the installation process and boot up. Once we choose your system the next most important thing is deciding how it will be installed and “booted up” or turned on.

Whether you do yourself, or ask a friend or hire a handy man or plumber. You will need my help starting them up after it has been installed.

If your handy and want to try it yourself it will be a nice easy afternoon for you. I will tell you everything you will need and provide you with an easy start up guide and support while you work.

If your not handy you have two choices.

You can find someone who is handy;  or simply hire a local plumber. In either instance I will also speak with and let him know what is to be done. In most cases it is 1 to 3 hours of labour from a plumber or handy man. In most cases he wont need parts because I will tell you what to buy before hand.

Easy Installation

Installation of a water system requires has three phases. 

Phase one – connection to the inlet and outlet (very easy)

Phase two – connect the drain to your existing drain system or sump pit (very easy to hard)

Phase three – start up (very easy)

Plumbing – All my system come with quick connect fittings so you do not need advance plumbing skills to connect them. This makes the plumbing part VERY easy.

Drain – In some cases, if you can drain into your sump pit (90% of people do) this makes installation VERY easy.

If you can not you have two choices.

1. You can go to a local Home Depot or similar store for advice on how to connect using a 1/2 or 3/4 pex fitting;  

2. Simply hire a local plumber to do that for you for about $100. 



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