The CLACK “I-S” Valve was developed and fine tuned by us (Ottawa Water Filters Co & Iron and Sulfur Filters).

The CLACK “I-S” Valve is basically the standard CLACK WS1 Valve on STEROIDS. It has features that are not present in the standard CLACK WS1 Valve or other valves on the market.

Most Important Feature: The Clack Valve was developed and designed for Ultra-fast disassembly, service and repair without tools or special training for easy field service and support. 99% of the repairs or modification can be done easily by anyone with the right phone support. This one feature separates it from all the valves currently being sold.

Here is a quick overview (non technical) that demonstrates the main differences THE CLACK “I-S” Valve brings to the table compared to other valves on the market including the standard Clack WS1 Valve:


  1. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve Allows us to create and maintain a large air bubble /  This allows us to remove more iron, sulfur and H2S
  2. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve Allows us to create an air bubble with a stronger pressure /  This allows us to remove more iron, sulfur and H2S
  3. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve Allows us to stagger the regen cycles so it can work on wells with low yield and in a drought scenario so your system can continue to function / With most valves on the market if you go into a drought scenario your system will not work.
  4. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve  Allows us to attach accessories such as ozone generators and chemical pumps easily / If your water changes (this happens often) we can adapt your system to the changes in your water easier and hopefully with no additional cost. Other valves you may need to upgrade them or change them completely thus costing you more money in the future.
  5. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve Comes standard with a turbulator to ensure the bedding is thoroughly cleaned during the regen and cleaning cycles allowing it to work better and longer.
  6. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve Comes standard with a CLACK wrench so that maintenance can be done easily and quickly with help over the phone.
  7. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve comes standard with extra venturis so that future maintenance and cleaning can be made easily and quickly over the phone.

Click here to watch this quick video introducing The CLACK “I-S” Valve

Click here to watch how easy it is to fix, clean or replace The CLACK “I-S” Valve.

TECHNICAL OVERVIEW – Specification Sheet

  1. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve allows for better control of the high pressure air bubble, as a result it can remove higher levels of sulfur, H2S and iron.
  2. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve allows for adjustable cycle times when and if in a drought scenario. This allows for the valve to stagger the regen cycles to give time for the well to recover.
  3. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has 2 auxiliary motor drivers
  4. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has a multicolored, back lit, dot matrix display
  5. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has 2 relay outputs for various accessories such as an ozone generator or chemical pump or other such devices
  6. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has a high service flow rate up to 27GPM.
  7. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve can be repaired within minutes with no special tools or training.
  8. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve Meter accuracy is 5% (much better than most. This allows for a lower salt & water consumption)
  9. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has 9 programmable cycles you can choose with no specific order.
  10. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has integrated circuit boards and proven piston technology for a long lasting life.
  11. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve is made in the U.S.A.
  12. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve comes standard with 3/4″ quick connect fittings for easy installation.1″ fittings are available upon request.
  13. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve internal pipping is 1″ to ensure there is NO reduction of water flow or pressure in your home. Most other units have a 1/2″ or 3/4″ piping inside the tank that will reduce water pressure and flow.
  14. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve OPERATING PRESSURES Minimum/Maximum 20-125 psi (1.4-8.6 bar) OPERATING TEMPERATURES Minimum/Maximum 40˚ -110˚ F (4˚ -43˚ C)
  15. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has a solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings.
  16. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has three modes of operation: meter immediate, meter delayed or time clock delayed.
  17. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve  has double backwash feature, offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency.
  18. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has 36 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles.
  19. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has days override feature 1-26 days available • Backwash and brining ability to 22” tanks.
  20. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has the ability to operate in a downflow or upflow regeneration.
  21. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve stores system configuration and operation data in secure memory. When the system loses power it will maintain it’s memory.
  22. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has a capacitor back up with two hour power carry-over.
  23. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has a 12 volt transformer that provides safe and easy installation.
  24. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates.
  25. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has treated water regenerate refill (pre or post regeneration).
  26. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve has an ultra-fast disassembly without tools for easy field service and phone support.
  27. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve is NSF Certified
  28. THE CLACK “I-S” Valve pipe size external to connect  1″ or 3/4″ or 1/2′”

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