In this quick message from Shawn, he explains what you should look for when buying a water filtration system. Shawn also goes over some of the games or “methods” other water companies use to take more of your money once they get you as a customer.

Things you should watch our for:

  1. Type of valve. How easy it is to fix, where can you get parts etc.
  2. The filtering media used. How often it should be replaced. What are the limits. For example, what is the “PH” range the media works best under?
  3. What is the inside piping? Some systems are 1/2 or 3/4 inside the tank. This means it may reduce your water flow or pressure. 
  4. Maintenance and repair. How often does it need to be repaired? What, if any, are common issues you should expect? How often do the systems need to be serviced?
  5. Experience and knowledge. Does the company or person you’re talking with have enough experience to help you if you run into any problems?
  6. History. Companies come and go in the water business. Does the company have any history?

Below is a quick video of Shawn discussing games other water companies play.

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