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Stop buying bottled water and start drinking your own water today.

My water purification system is the next generation of RO technology. It has one of the highest rejection rates on the market (99% Rejection). This unit is designed for people on wells or city water. It can be modified to treat hard or soft water. It comes with it’s own whisper quiet pump (optional) to ensure the maximum rejection of contaminants and will not require costly yearly maintenance like other units on the market.

Note: Be careful where you purchase a drinking water system. Most companies fail to advise you that they will require some sort of yearly or semi annual service to their units at a cost ranging from $100 to $300 annually.

Our units require no maintenance and as a result there is no additional cost of ownership. Our RO systems use standard filters you can purchase at any Home Depot or Home Hardware type of stores. The average yearly cost for filters is approximately $20.

How to compare:

– Hygienic all plastic water storage tank (BPA FREE)

– Chrome designer faucet

– Module to replace membrane during cleaning

– Streamline design for easy installation

– Easy-change fully encapsulated 75GPD membrane

–  Fewer fittings for simpler trouble free operations

– Integrated water manifold and mounting bracket

– Advanced design eliminated fittings and connections

– Premium F9 series tube-attached chrome faucet

– All installation accessories included

– Includes our new and improved LEAK STOP prevention device


– 5 Stages for maximum effect / 6th stage could be added to increase PH levels (optional)

– Save money by no longer needing to purchase bottled water

– Great tasting water for pennies a day

– Eliminate bad taste & odors

– Remove impurities as small as an atom

– Peace of mind knowing your water is safe, pure and healthy

– Better tasting coffee, tea, juice and food

– Complete Removal of all impurities

– TFC reverse osmosis membrane provides up to 99% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rejection and uses little water for reduced waste
– 75 USGPD
– Pre-filters 10” five (5) micron Spun Polypropylene Sediment Cartridge and two  10” Activated Carbon Cartridges
– Post filter: 10” Activated Carbon Cartridge
– Non air gap chrome plated faucet
– 1/4” outlet tubing for higher flows
– Automatic shut-off valve
– Stainless steel product water check valve
– Quick connect fittings for ease of installation
– Powder coated bracket
– 3.8 gallon plastic storage tank

Booster Pump: Mounted on RO to maintain constant water pressure (Optional)
– Raises water pressure to ideal level for maximum efficiency
– Use on rural supplies with low pressure or high TDS
– Self-priming and whisper quiet
– Runs on a 24VAC transformer (included) from a standard 120VAC electrical outlet
– Systems includes: Flexible mounting plate, quick connect fittings and pressure shut-off switch

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