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How this product is different from our competitors: Our products are designed to have a low cost of ownership and ease of use. This is VERY important when servicing the systems in the future.

Our Clack “I-S” Valve provides for better control of the air bubble allowing for more sulfur, H2S, iron, iron bacteria, sediment and manganese removal when compared to other filters.

Our Clack “I-S” Valve has options for any future problems that may arise for additional attachments or accessories such as ozone generators, pumps etc.

Our Clack “I-S” Valve gives us more control over the regen cycles so that we can stagger the regen cycles to help low yielding wells recover and continue operating in drought scenarios.

Our Clack “I-S” Valve is easier to clean and repair.

Note: not all valves have these abilities.

What it does: This system will completely remove the sulfur (egg smell), H2S, iron and manganese from your water. Uses air and does not need any chemicals. You simply turn it on and forget about it. It works with low and high PH. This unit is tannin friendly.

This filter does not remove calcium (hardness)

If you’re using a chlorination or peroxide system this one tank system can replace the entire system and can do the same job without the use of harsh chemicals or maintenance.

This unit comes standard with THE CLACK “I-S” Valve that allows for more functionality when compared with the standard Clack WS1 valve or other valve systems on the market today.

Most Important Feature: The Clack Valve was developed and designed for Ultra-fast disassembly, service and repair without tools or special training for easy field service and support. 99% of the repairs or modification can be done easily by anyone with the right phone support. This one feature separates it from all the valves currently being sold.

To learn more about THE CLACK “I-S” Valve click here

IMPORTANT NOTE – This unit only requires 4 to 5 gallons per minute to back wash due to the low weight media bed. Most other units on the market require 6 to 9 gallons a minute to work properly. Most homes, especially older ones can only produce 5 to 6 gallons a minute. In older homes or homes with low water flow the lifespan of similar units (not mine) will be dramatically shortened.

MEDIA: Zeolit (clinoptilite) (natural media mined from Utah, USA), Silicate Crystal Form

Filtering Range: 10 – 15 pm for Iron , 5- 7pm H2S , 2pm Manganese


– No chemicals used. Air injection system uses air to oxidize.

– Low weight media uses 70% less water in backwash.

– Low maintenance does not use salt or chemicals. Turn it on once and forget about it.

– No air pump installation required before the pressure tank

– Media Life Expectancy — essentially UNLIMITED and is TANNIN friendly

– Flows from 3 to 20 gallons per minute based on filter size

– High flow control valve for more efficient back washing cycles

– Costs less than $2.00 per year to operate on 12 volts (standard plug)

– Natural oxidation removes sulfur or H2S without chemicals, air pumps or a venturi

– Because the media used is light it requires less water and pressure to backwash and clean and should not require you to upgrade your pump to meet the water demand.

– Regenerate less frequently than traditional iron filters using up to 50% less water than manganese green-sand filters

– Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day Override, Vacation and Calendar Clock mode

– Adjustable cycle times

– Unique bypass with an integrated space saving turbine meter and sample port on the inlet. One-piece design avoids meter jamming

– Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass

– NSF Certified

– Pipe Size  External To Connect- 1″ or 3/4″ or 1/2″.

Final Note

Choosing the right media is VERY important. Using birm, carbon, KDF or other forms of mix media beds decreases the life of these units when tannins or high sulfur or H2S is present. Also most common medias used on similar system are heavy and require a lot of water pressure to work properly. Most units using birm or other media will clogg up quickly and need to be re-bedded often increasing the cost of ownership. This unit in a perfect world should not need to be re-bedded as the media should not exhaust.

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